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Each college logos handcut from
Tumbled Marble Tile
in the wooden frame 10 x 10 inches
I can design one for your favorite team 
$150 each 

TMTL/OU.jpg TMTL/ATM.jpg TMTL/TT.jpg TMTL/smu.jpg
TMTL/bu.jpg TMTL/ut.jpg TMTL/TCU.jpg


Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile Murals
in the wooden tray
size 9 x 12 inches 
 $150 each




 Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile Mural

on the wooden tray 




 Each Texas Logos handcut from

Tumbled Marble Tile in the wooden frame 






Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile Mural

in the wooden frame 

size 91/2 x 91/2 inches



Handcut  from Tumbled Marble Tile

in the metal frame




Hand painted Tumbled Marble Tile  Mural 

with frame 12 x 16 inches 




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