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Dog's acrylic paintings on canvas
size 12 x 12 inches, Framed  $150
Or print 10 x 10 inches with matte frame 12 x 12 inches  $25 

Send me the picture you want me to paint via e-mail or text massage
Add any details you need, for example vertical or horizontal,
any different background color ,etc

lazySusan/booba.jpg lazySusan/rex.jpg lazySusan/bonny.jpg lazySusan/teddy.jpg
lazySusan/layka.jpg lazySusan/penny.jpg lazySusan/pick.jpg lazySusan/Buck.jpg


 Acrylic on canvas 
size 15 x 20 inches




Starry cat
Acrylic on canvas 
size 16 x 20 inches,Framed 




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